Diphlu Experience
See what Clide from the UK has to
say after bathing an elephant

Diphlu River Lodge Naturalist
Know more about the habits of these majestic beasts 

The Diphlu River Lodge believes in responsible tourism and in giving back to the environment.This commitment is a real and visible part of the structure and functioning of Diphlu River Lodge. Our cottages and common areas are built with natural materials like bamboo and wood and the Lodge is designed to blend seamlessly into its green surroundings. The Lodge is staffed mostly by local, tribal people and our interiors abound in local handicrafts and materials. Our in-house team of weavers are responsible for all the woven objects of the Lodge.

We even grow our own organic rice, vegetables and mustard; guests will be able to see the crops growing within the Lodge. Diphlu River Lodge recycles grey water and subscribes to a low light and noise policy.

Diphlu River Lodge is associated with the Ecotourism Society of India and is part of Travel Operators for Tigers (TOFT). TOFT is a unique international campaign advocating and supporting responsible tourism as a way to save the tiger, India's wildlife and its wilderness areas.

We also educate local communities on conservation of the environment and the preservation of endangered species. After all, the beauty of the Kaziranga must be protected to endure.