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Guest areas

Diphlu River Lodge's Macchan - Dinning A
Diphlu River Lodge is the ideal destination for those seeking a unique communion with nature.
As part of our commitment to blend in with nature, we have purposely decided to forgo any fencing between the national park and the Lodge, choosing to not interfere with the animal corridor.
Additionally, our naturalists have counted over 57 species of birds that visit the Lodge and its immediate surrounds, so keep an eye out during the day!

The Machan


Raised along and above the river is the charming common area called 'Machan', which means ‘jungle platform’.

This is an air-conditioned sitting and dining area, which opens onto two verandahs. The larger verandah, with a high thatched ceiling, wooden flooring and well-equipped bar, overlooks the Diphlu River and the national park.

This is the perfect place to watch for birds or to scan the opposite bank for wild animals. The smaller verandah overlooks lovingly tended farmland and is an appealing location for al fresco breakfasts.

Embellished with fascinating handicrafts and artefacts, the Machan is where the day's jungle stories are swapped between guests over drinks or delicious meals. Feel free to browse through television channels in the television room or to sink into luxuriant sofas with a book from the library.


The Machan is connected to the cottages by grassy paths and bamboo walkways over our private farm.


Smiling staff, delicious drinks and fragrant face towels is how Diphlu River Lodge welcomes you every time. Whether it’s the first time you’re checking in, or on your second return from a jungle safari, Diphlu hospitality will always make you feel special.


This is a naturally open area near the entrance of the Lodge. Flanked by bamboo groves, the Hilltop is where barbeques and dance performances by locals are arranged for our discerning guests.

Sit-out & deck by the pond

Laze around with a book and cup of Assam tea in this comfortable thatch-and-bamboo sit-out by the pond.

Riverside sit-out & deck

The riverside area is the ideal location for picnic lunches arranged for the Lodge guests.

Lahé Spa

Experience ultimate relaxation with our new jungle spa, offering a range of massages and treatments.

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