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Diphlu River Lodge ranks among Architectural Digest's top 7 safari lodges in India

We're so thrilled and humbled that India's most illustrious magazine on design and architecture has featured Diphlu River Lodge in its list of top 7 safari lodges in India.

Diphlu River Lodge is designed to resemble an Assamese village with its thatch-and-bamboo cottages built on stilts (in the style of Mishing tribal houses). The cottages are built on stilts because the area floods every year as our prized location is on the banks of the Diphlu River.

Throughout the Lodge, you'll find unique artefacts and canework from Northeast India, such as wooden monitor lizards and straw rain jackets (from Nagaland), cane and bamboo fishing implements and baskets (from Assam), and handlooms featuring traditional Assamese and tribal motifs woven by our own coterie of talented artisans (you can even pop over for a visit; they are located adjacent to the Lodge). All furniture at the Lodge is locally made under own design direction.

In fact, we'll even go so far as to say that you'll be hard-pressed to find any item at the Lodge that is made outside of Northeast India, or at the very least India. We take pride in this fact and we hope you too are able to appreciate our labour of love that is Diphlu River Lodge.

Read the full story on Architectural Digest India.


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